Are you currently in a “stuck state”, unable to know what steps to take to move your life forward? Perhaps it’s affecting your career, business, relationships, creativity or health and maybe causing you to feel depressed, sad and lack motivation?

Being unable to move on with your life, unable to make decisions or resolve an issue can hold you back for months, maybe even years. However, all the answers are within us – we just need to find the key and unlock them.

A Mindscaping session with me can release the personal transformation that you have been waiting for to take you to the next exciting phase of your life.

Mindscaping is an interactive guided visualisation where I help you navigate through the landscape in your mind, finding a way through your blocks, reinstating your intuition and allowing you to move forward with your life.

We will start with a deep conversation about the issue you are looking to resolve to bring it to the forefront of your conscious and unconscious mind. We will then move on to progressive relaxation before sending you in to your own Mindscape. I will guide you through your landscape and in the following hours, days and weeks your unconscious mind will reveal the solution to you.
Listening to the meditation recording I provide for you after your session will keep your unconscious focused until you have fully resolved the issue.

60 Minute Mindscape session £60


Unsure which issue to Mindscape? 

Are you unsure which issue to resolve first?

The purpose of the Wheel of Life Journal is to explore your current state and decide which topic you need to address first.

Download Your Wheel of Life Journal

Download the Wheel of Life Journal  to explore your current state and decide which area of your life needs some focus. 

I’ll also send you a video which explains in depth how to fill in and use the Wheel of Life Journal to gain clarity and move forward with your life. 

Just click ‘YES PLEASE’ fill in the form and the video and journal will be sent to your inbox! 

Add in a hypnotherapy session. 

Do you want to speed up the process? Add on a 45 minute hypnotherapy session for just £50. During your Mindscaping session your unconscious mind will reveal metaphors to me and using these metaphors during your hypnotherapy session can bring about fast and powerful transformations in your life, putting you back in the driving seat.

Please note you must have good WiFi and be in a quiet location for your session.